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Hyssop Tree Soap - Patchouli & Tea Tree

Hyssop Tree Soap - Patchouli & Tea Tree

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Each soap you purchase provides one soap for someone in need.

From the Maker:

Living a full life often comes with dirt and sweat.  Arming yourself with an antiperspirant is a necessity.  But there is a problem when you’re showering before enjoying time with those you love… it’s a layer of residue.

You now have a better option than resorting to artificial detergents or sulfate-filled cleansers. 

This soap provides a uniquely deep clean, tackling all that dirt, sweat and residue.  Instead of worrying about your cleanliness, you are now free to enjoy your full life and time with those you love, all in the same day.

    • Make a difference: Every soap you purchase sends a soap to someone in need

      SLS free: Clean your skin deeply with one less thing to worry about.  This soap is made without mineral oil, artificial fragrance, phthalates, harsh detergents and sulfates.  

      Custom crafted:  Every detail of this soap has been given careful attention.  It’s made from scratch, and it’s never made in plastic.

      Made with certified organic essential oils: Using carefully chosen  essential oils prevents exploitation of natural resources in developing countries and ensures purity.

Did you know...

Patchouli dates back to the ancient world. When silks and textiles were traded, they were often accompanied by dried patchouli leaves to prevent insect infestation. Traders would often smell of the carpets and materials, looking for the familiar patchouli scent, which indicated an authentic piece. Who knew the ancient world had knock-offs and their own version of moth balls!

Tea tree has reportedly been used by the indigenous people of Eastern Australia for centuries. It was named by Captain James Cook, who observed the people steeping a tea from the leaves of the plant. Tea tree began its claim to fame when it became an an essential part of every Australian soldier’s kit during World War II.

Both plants received attention in the 70’s as a symbol of renaissance and as a counter-culture toward nature. I find that the two blend perfectly not only functionally, but they also represent the renaissance of this beautiful soap. It’s my rebellion against synthetic detergents and cleansers that leave you dirty.