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Hyssop Tree Soap - Lavender and Rosemary

Hyssop Tree Soap - Lavender and Rosemary

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Each soap you purchase provides one soap for someone in need.

Reducing your exposure to toxic chemicals can be a very frustrating endeavor.  Reading the long scientific words on every label quickly becomes overwhelming.  That’s why I created this soap.

Starting with great ingredients is just the beginning.  I also ensure that this soap is never made in plastic.  I attend to every tiny detail from choosing great ingredients to the process of making, curing and wrapping every bar.  Let me take the worry out of decoding handmade soap so you can enjoy the pristine quality of a relaxing shower.


Make a Difference:  Every soap you purchase sends a soap to someone in need.

All Natural: You don’t need to worry about exposing yourself to artificial and harsh detergents or sulfate-loaded cleansers.  The ingredients used in this soap are natural.

Organic Essential Oils: This soap contains a proprietary blend of organic essential oils, so not only does this bar of soap smell great, it is made with quality ingredients.  I personally evaluate the full laboratory analysis of every oil to ensure it is not contaminated with pesticides, genetically modified ingredients or fillers.

Free from Colorants: This soap derives its creamy alabaster complexion from the fantastic ingredients I use to make it.  There is no added zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, no nano-particles, and no other pigments or dyes. 

  • This soap is made with saponified oils of certified organic shea butter, cold-pressed extra premium virgin olive oil, pure expeller pressed coconut oil, lard, certified organic castor oil, grade A whole goat milk, and 100% natural colloidal oatmeal.  I use a proprietary blend of certified organic essential oils, including lavender and rosemary.

    Each bar of soap weighs at least 2.5 ounces. To use, simply lather and rinse.